August is Indie Month – Day 3: Rainbow Honey “Mint Flavor”

I am so behind on posts! My niece has been here for the last two weeks and she has been totally hogging our computer (we’re down to one in the house right now because mine broke!) Soooo, that means you are going to get 2 posts from me today, (yes, I promise this time), and 2 posts from me tomorrow which will bring me back up to date!

Today I have Rainbow Honey “Mint Flavour” up on the blog. The swatches aren’t very good, but I put it in the list so I HAVE to show them, haha!

Mint Flavor was part of the Summer of 199x collection. Mint Flavor is a blue-ish green creme with subtle shimmer. It really IS pretty… Just not on me.


Inside, with flash

Honestly, that was the only half-decent picture that I could get. I had a hard time working with this polish, but I think it’s because I was working with a mini that’s about a year old and getting goopy… And I have no thinner!

The first coat of the polish went on pretty lumpy, but the second and third coats went on a little smoother. Pictures here is one coat of Duri 2, three coats of Rainbow Honey “Mint Flavour” and one coat of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Top coat (which bubbled with polish).

If you’re interested in this shade, it is still available for purchase onΒ Rainbow Honey’s website (If you purchase $65 worth of product, you get a free Mystery Bag!!), and Nail Polish Canada. You can also check out some MUCH better swatches of this polish from both of these websites.

Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me as a birthday gift last year and was not given to me for review. My reviews, as always, are my honest opinions.


August is Indie Month

Hooray! August is “Indie Month!”

A lovely lady from one of the beauty groups I am active in recently did an entire month of Julep manis that she referred to as “June is Julep Month!”. After letting her nails rest for the month of July, she decided that she wanted to have another mani challenge month, and chose to dedicate the month of August to indies!! She invited people to join her and even created a guideline table to help us out. You can check out her post about “August is Indie Month!” HERE.

I am super excited about participating in an Indie Month, because it means I get to give lots of love to these beautiful Indie polishes that I have sitting in my stash. It also means I get to support small Indie brands who totally deserve the love.

Are you wondering what “Indie” means? Basically, Indie polish means that the polish is made independently. The polishes are handmixed (unlike drug store and high-end polishes), and a LOT of work goes into them. Individuals, or small groups of individuals, put hours of work into creating the perfect formulas, the perfect colours, coming up with the perfect polish and collection names, and tons of other stuff that goes into making polishes. Sometimes, the indie polish maker is literally somebody who is mixing her polishes in her kitchen. Koodos to Indie makers for the hard, dedicated, and amazing work that they put into their brands!

Here is the guideline that Tina from “We Didn’t Miss It” set up for us.


Now, I do own quite a few Indies, but not everything that she has listed (though someday I will, because I love to support Indie makers and there are so many amazing ones out there!). So I asked for permission to create my own guide based on hers. I don’t have 31 different brands, so you will see some brands repeated. For example, there may be a few days of Colors By Llarowe, but rest assured each of those days will be a different colour. There are a couple of days where I threw in a brand like “Hits” or “Layla” which aren’t really Indies, but they’re also not *huge* brands, and I didn’t have quite enough to get me through the entire Indie month, so I threw these in as they were untrieds.


During this month I will also be topcoating all of my manis with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat (an amazing Indie top coat that I may actually die without, lol!). As for cuticle oils, I don’t own any that are made by Indies (something I should invest in, I’ve heard some great things), but I have a Julep cuticle oil here that I will use for cuticle care.

I am so excited about Indie Month. I can’t promise that I will absolutely have a post every single day (I am moving August 16th!), but I will get as many days in as I can! Please also follow me on Instagram, where I will also be posting pictures of my daily manis. πŸ™‚

My nails aren’t long and strong like some of the girls participating in this challenge, but they’re getting stronger and longer every day; AND I’m getting better at my applying and clean-up skills! Speaking of long and strong… I just purchased some Duri, since I’ve heard so many people raving about it, and I will be using it as my base coat for the next 30 days. So keep an eye out for changes in my nails!

I will see you all back here tomorrow!



Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Part 1

Good afternoon, all, and happy Sunday!

I am writing this post to share with you another amazing birthday gift I received from one of the ladies in my birthday group. This time I received the Rainbow Honey “Summer of 199X Part 1” collection mini set, and I could not be more excited! I have never owned or used a Rainbow Honey before and so this is very exciting for me. This birthday group has been a wonderful way for me to get to try all sorts of new brands that I always wanted to but never had a chance to! I will post pictures of the gift here, and on another blog post I will do some swatches!




Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚