Hello there! I hope you are all doing well.

I realize that it’s been about four months since I’ve blogged – I’ve been really busy with school. I can’t promise I’ll be here very often, but come April I will blog more! I realize I have next to no followers, but hey, perhaps I’ll fix that later on ;).

It’s COLD outside! Today in London it was -41. For comparison, in the town of “The North Pole”, in Nunavut, Canada, it was -42. In the town of “North Pole”, Alaska, it was -12. IT’S COLDER HERE THAN THE NORTH POLE. (Yes, I realize neither of these places are the real Terrestrial North Pole, but still!).

Anyways, I just wanted to make a quick post. When I get back to blogging I have SO many ideas for posts about beauty boxes, nail polish, my life, and of course CATS! But for now, I will just share with you some lovely pictures of my cats from Christmas…

Here is Gypsy under the Christmas tree:


Here is Gypsy and Jinx together under the tree, spending quality “sister” time together:Image


And here is a picture of the snow. Except this picture was at the end of November and it’s not at all what we’re experiencing right now (the snow is up to my knees). I just thought this was a pretty picture!



I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and that you were filled with love, and possibly polish!



Just checking up


Meet my (Fur)babies!

Since I have made it quite clear to you that you will be seeing a lot of my kitties in my blog, I figured it was appropriate for me to properly introduce you to my two beautiful furbabies.



On the left, you are seeing a picture of my first baby, whom my boyfriend named “Gypsy”, but she more commonly goes by “Gypsy-cat”. I personally wanted to name her “Indigo” or “Willow” but after her being here since March, the name really does suit her. We adopted her on March 30th, 2013, and she came home with us that very same day. She was born (estimated by the shelter), on November 5th, 2012, which would mean she will be 10 months old next week!

On the right, you are seeing “Jinx” who also has gotten to compound of “Jinxy-Cat”. We adopted Jinx last week on August 22nd, 2013. Jinx estimated birth date (as given by the shelter) is May 27th, 2013, which would put her at 4 months old as of yesterday. Once again, “Jinx” wasn’t my name choice, and it just doesn’t feel like her name to me, yet, but I assume it will become exactly who she is before I know it, just like Gypsy-cat. 🙂 (You can’t say he didn’t pick unique names, that’s for sure!).

When we brought Gypsy-cat home, she quickly became our princess. My boyfriend had never had a pet before in his life, and he fell in love with her in a matter of hours. You can’t keep him away from her now (cutest thing ever, if I do say so myself). When we brought Jinx home, Gypsy did NOT like it, but in a matter of a couple of days they were playing and became best friends (thank goodness!).

If you ever consider adopting a cat (or any other animal), please keep in mind the quote “Adopt, don’t shop!” Shelters and rescues are finding themselves swamped and over-crowded right now because of over-breeding in the pet population from pets who are not spayed and neutered. These shelters need your help in order to keep taking in new strays who need their help… Please consider this when you consider getting a pet of your very own. The love from shelter animals is absolutely spectacular.

Thanks for reading all! 🙂




Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Gypsy Cat 026

I would like to point out that I am no professional when it comes to beauty… But I do have a serious obsession when it comes to nail polish (and the beginnings of an obsession with makeup). On top of this, I am literally obsessed with my kitties. 3000 photos on my phone and probably 2000 of those are of my own cats and another 500 are of internet cats (can you say crazy cat lady, anyone?!)

I created this blog to share with you my daily life, be it nail polish, makeup, the crazy things my cats are doing that day, or just something random that I felt I would share with you! It will likely be more than just beauty and kitty cats, but I suppose we shall see as time passes by! This will be my little space to share with you the things that I love and the craziness that is my life!

I look forward to sharing with you! Thanks for following me!