Influenster: imPress press-on nails by Broadway Nails

I love Influenster! Don’t you?! I mean, why WOULDN’T you love somebody who sends you free stuff? 😉

A couple of weeks ago I received a pre-qualifying survey from Influenster for the “next Canadian voxbox”. While I admit that I hoped it would be full of a variety of goodies, I am very pleased with what I received in the mail a few days later. (And when I say a few days, I literally mean a few days. I took the qualifying survey on a Friday and had my nails in the mail by the next Thursday… awesome!).


I received the two pairs pictured above. The pink is #56663 “Control Freak” and the lacey design is #56888 “Holla!”. I loved both so I was definitely pleased.



You can see from the pictures above that application is actually very easy. First you need to open the box and find the sizes that fit you perfectly. Lay all 10 of them out ahead of time so that you aren’t trying to find them while you’re actually putting them on. Wash your hands with soap and water, let dry, and then wipe your nails with the enclosed prep pad. Then, peel the backing off the nails as you go, starting with your pinkie finger and working towards your thumb. Press the imPress nail onto your nail starting with the middle and then press down the edges… Voila, you’ve got an instant manicure. (Okay, so it wasn’t “instant”, but I’ll still take 5 minutes over the time it takes me to paint my nails or go to the salon!).


Pictures above is “Control Freak”, the first pair I tried. I loved them instantly. For me, with my short nails, they worked amazing and I received compliments from ladies in an online group telling me that they looked like my natural nails. And they did! Nobody in person was able to tell a difference, either. It just looked like I had painted my nails an awesome colour of pink.


I got a new macro lens for my cell phone camera (yes, cell pics this blog post, ack, sorry!), and I decided to give it a shot on my nails. I took a macro picture of the Control Freak nails to try and show that there was a little bit of blue sparkle under that pink that made it just shine… Love!



The above pictures are the design “Holla!”, which I also love.

And then, because many people I know did not like the imPress nails because they did not fit their longer nails, I received LOTS of designs in the mail….


Pictured above is “Sparkling Neon Pink Zebra”. While I’m not sure that’s actually their name, I forgot to check the box before I threw it away, and that’s the best name I could find online, haha! I didn’t like these ones as much as the others. Even though they were listed as the same length as the other nails, they were a lot shorter on my than the others, and I disliked not having full coverage colour or design. But that’s just my own personal preference. They were still great.


Pictured above is “Totally Busted”, which pictured as a coral-ly colour, but was actually more of a bright in your face orange on my hands.



Pictured above is the design “Hottie” which was one of my favourites. I love purple and I loved the design, so that was an added bonus! The second picture is another macro shot to show you the design up close and personal.


And lastly, pictured above is “Working Girl” (the black with silver crackle) [by the way, that name cracks me up. No person in their right mind would wear crackle polish to a working environment, but hey!], and I lost the name for the zebra stripes. I also still have a few more pairs on the way to me in the mail thanks to some lovely ladies! The surprising part to me is that most of the designs and colours I received were NOT listed on the Impress website, and that includes other designs and colours that I saw people receiving.

So, what did I think?

loved the imPress press-on nails by Broadway nails. But the fact of the matter is that you won’t find many people saying that. The nails are short, so for people with longer nails these do not work at all, because your nail will be left peaking out at the top, maybe a little or maybe a lot. However, for people like me with shorter nails (or nubbins, as many of us refer to them as), these were perfect. They gave my nails a perfect shape and size. A couple of sets lasted me almost a week before I peeled them off to move onto the next set, and in reality if I hadn’t of taken them off, they would have kept holding strong. The others didn’t last as long but that’s because I took them off, not because they fell off. Speaking of taking them off.. Easy peasy! Just a quick peel off and in 30 seconds they are all off, with no damage to your real nails. I was even able to paint over a couple of pairs with some of my own nail polish and you couldn’t tell at all that there had been a previous colour or design underneath.

So for me, these nails get a 5/5. I will definitely be picking up more!

(Never heard of Influenster? Check out what it’s all about here:


Thanks for reading!


DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes in return for my review, as part of the Canadian Influenster VoxBox program. My reviews, as always, are 100% honest.


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